Exalted Warrior Foundation Inc

Exalted Warrior Foundation is a Non-Profit 501c3. The Exalted Warrior Foundation facilitates an adaptive yoga instruction program that is designed for wounded warriors in the active military, veteran hospital facilities, and Veterans within communities around the country.


Faced with the demands of both a physical and emotional recovery, adaptive yoga allows newly disabled veterans to reconnect with both themselves and their loved ones. Warriors with amputations, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries have benefited greatly since the program began.

The gentle movements of a yoga practice support the restoration of the body-mind connection. Practice varies from subtle breath work, accompanied with gentle stretching postures, for beginners to intense exertions, as the patients’ comfort with these healing techniques increases. Through practice, the warrior will begin to release the “issues from the tissues.” While strengthening the body, a warrior is provided new pathways to release tension and frustration. By the use of tools learned from their yoga practice, the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are also addressed. For example, forward bends and inversions deliver great benefits to those suffering from insomnia & depression. Breath work helps alleviate the PTSD sufferer’s hyper vigilance by slowing the heart rate and giving them a tool to regain a sense of control from a seemingly uncontrollable situation.  These methods of yoga exercises, relaxation, and meditation are keys to wellness that the warrior can practice for a lifetime.  These keys of wellness will help the warrior reintegrate into their community after leaving the care of the military – returning home to a potentially fuller and more productive life.

If you are a wounded warrior or work at a facility interested in having an Exalted Warrior Adaptive yoga class for your wounded warriors please contact us.